Build your own group

Build your own local group – these are the 3 simple steps we recommend:
  1. Create an online chat to collect members
  2. We’ve used Telegram. If you choose to, use the menu button and select ‘new group.’ Create your name (we often use the yff + name of our area for example: If you already know people interested, add them first.
  3. Promote your group
  4. Reaching out is a great challenge initially. However, we found there are quite a few out there who were looking for a group like ourselves. It’s simply a matter of practical tools to find them. First, find the invite link on your group chat: Go into your group → Menu Button → Manage Group → Group Type → Copy invite link. You can decide whether to go public or private. Private chat link names can’t be customised on Telegram. Share your invite link with Youth For Freedom admins as we can help you promote your group on Youth For Freedom pages immediately. Other Reach out Tools (please contact us for more specific ideas on these):
    • Leafleting at other freedom events and use poster boards.
    • Stickering using our templates.
    • Advertise in alternative media.
    • Individual networking – get members to find one friend to invite, speak to older people at Stand in the Park for example who may have sons or daughters interested.
    • Reach out to other freedom groups or organisations.
    • University networks – you can join some societies (eg. ‘Liberty society’), even if you are not part of that university.
  5. Start to organise social events
  6. A good one to start with is a trip to a local pub, not necessarily to drink, but to have a good chat and meet each other in person. If your group grows you might find that others are able to organise events too. Another example would be going for walks - being out in nature can be very bonding. Having regular meetups helps to build connection and community which are both very important as we progress through these uncertain times. Feel free to also ask for advice and get in touch by contacting us at this email address: and one of us will get back to you.