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Festive Freedom

Our next big event! Come join us on New Years Eve for cave exploring and meet up.

Staying the night is more than welcome (And probably recommended) but the ground is hard and COLD, so a decent roll matt and sleeping bag are a necessity.

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Our Past Events

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Times are changing. Now is the time to come together. Those in charge of dividing the country expect aggression, they expect us to turn on one another, but what they won't expect is unity, love, compassion, and care.

This is why this event has been created.

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Join us for a night under the stars this Guy Fawkes night!

Meet us at the Cheese Rolling Hill Car Park, 5th Nov at 6PM. Bring food & drink contributions!

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Our first Meet and Greet session for YOUTH FOR FREEDOM members.

Come join us for an evening of acoustic music, a fire pit and good company

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We will gather the 'Hold the Line' tribe, connect, and then walk to the location for our GLOUCESTER HOLD THE LINE event.

If you value your freedom, your right to choose and your right to protect the children, come along and join us.

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