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About Us

We're a group of young adults (18 - 30s) who hold the values of the freedom & truth movement. We stand for:

- Our bodily freedom. We educate the youth that the Government must uphold our basic individual freedom and rights, without medical mandates or restrictions.

- Truth. We exercise open, independent, fact-based thinking with research, face-face discussions & debates.

- Unity. We bring young people together through local groups, which are run by individual's initiatives & offer an enjoyable social life for all.

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What We Stand For

The Rights For All

We stand for everyone's inalienable rights. History reminds us of the terrible human suffering which arises from removal of such rights.

Value Of Free Thought

We exercise independent, fact-based thinking

Oppose Lockdowns

Lockdowns have caused more harm than done good. Small businesses have closed, mental health crises have deepened & many haven’t received the healthcare they needed. How is this supporting our health & wellbeing?

Holistic Health & Wellbeing

We openly minded explore the reality of what constitutes real health & happiness as human beings. Are genuine, close & caring relationships not the basis for all happiness? Do feelings, arising from depression & anxiety, not have the most profound impact on the Immune System?

Oppose Medical Mandates

We believe we all have rights to keep medical information completely private, freely choose our healthcare by informed consent, especially in the case of dangerous, experimental injections. Mandating and kind of medical intervention removed this


Our Action

Independent Local Social Networks

Bring young people together under our common values, to build friendships with fun events and partake in activism. Our groups are decentralised, without leaders & are instead built "bottom up" by individuals offering their initiative to a group

Raise Awareness Amongst Young People

Raise awareness amongst young people of the growing totalitarianism within Government policies by arranging talks or workshops on common law and self-sufficiency themes

Support Network

We are particularly concerned with discrimination or bullying of young people who choose not to take the Covid-19 injection. We believe it is an unalienable right to choose, without coercion and with full accurate medical information, whether or not to take the injection. Contact us if you know someone or a group in need of help: Contact us here

Teaching Inalienable Rights

To give young people the knowledge to understand & exercise their inalienable rights.

Nurture Local Business Relationships

Outreach to local businesses to encourage not to discriminate on health or injection status. Assist 'OpenGlos' with achieving this

Take Back Our Freedoms

Act now to secure our futures from totalitarianism. Let's stop history repeating itself, before it's too late.

Gareth Icke Interview

Rhys (founder of Youth For Freedom) had the opportunity to be invited on the 'Right Now Show' with Gareth Icke. They talked about what freedom means for them, what Youth For Freedom represents and what steps we need to take to take this growing movement further.

Summary of The Root & Purpose of Youth For Freedom

I took the initiative to build “Youth For Freedom” after attending local freedom groups where I experienced a distinct lack of young people. Sensing I was not alone in wishing to meet people of my own age who care for the values of the freedom movement, I reached out. Firstly, however, why were there so few young people? I think it’s self-evident that there is no purpose to a freedom movement without the youth. Our future and then our children’s and so forth is what we’re fighting for! Also, the youth usually bring lots of passion and energy for revolution, but this was nowhere to be seen. My view on this, is their youthful spirit has been slowly drained out of them. Speaking from experience, the education system barraged me with information, often wrong or useful, just for the sake of passing an exam. Never was I properly taught independent, thinking. Rarely was I encouraged to consider my real passion nor to nurture my creativity. Out of education, I felt my life in thought had become deadened and error filled. Youth For Freedom is a space young people can develop real, independent thinking faculties through truth seeking discussions. Furthermore, this can be done openly, in a welcoming social group.

We use Telegram, among other networking techniques, to gather young people who are interested. The Telegram chat is only a practical means to meet face-to-face. We’ve become accustomed to using social media as if we’re building real relationships through it. The reality is we’re continually having to project the meaning behinds the words we each write and often misunderstand each other, sometimes completely. Consequently, I believe, nothing genuinely meaningful or significant can be achieved on group chats. So, the purpose of “Youth For Freedom” became to create a real, social circle for young people interested in building friendships, in light of the common values of the freedom movement. From this basis, each group can discover the activities to do together. The beautiful aspect of the local groups is that they’re setup by an individual taking an initiative, meaning our networks remain decentralised. The life of the group then stems from the coordinator organising face-to-face meetings, encouraging the active involvement of all by taking on suggestions of members. From such meetings new activities, to contribute to the freedom movement arise

Rhys (Founder of Youth For Freedom)

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