About Us

What is Youth For Freedom?

March 2020 and quite suddenly the world changes. Lockdowns, masks, experimental medical treatments, rampant fear, doubt and division. Many accepted all of this as inevitable, but we didn’t. We found other open-minded people like us at rallies and other events all over the country, in what eventually became known as the Freedom & Truth Movement (read more). However, young people in their 20s and 30s appeared to be a minority here, so Youth For Freedom was formed to organise events which bring them together.

What do local groups do?

Each local group is unique and free to define itself. Sometimes we simply meet in the pub to get to know each other and other times, we host informative events to educate ourselves, discuss crucial world issues and what we can do about them. We are also lovers of outdoor adventures, so we also go camping in the mountains, have campfires, walks, swims and other social activities. Excited to join us? We’d love to welcome you to our groups, join us here!

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Join our local Telegram group chats to find out about upcoming meetups or to reach out to members in your area.


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